Beginning in 2017 Bag Talk was only an idea. Years later in 2020, manifested into what is now Bag Talk University. This clothing brand was founded on the basis of going hard day in and day out no matter what, a true hustler spirit. The University represents the hustler, the go getter, the one who is always doing more than just talking. Consumers of all ages can feel comfortable and confident in their everyday duties to get the bag, we all know the grind doesn't discriminate. Bag Talk University serves as a clothing brand for luxury streetwear. When you're in your bag you're in it, whether it's a workspace, on a field, on a court, even in a club, when you're in that mode you feel unstoppable & when you're in our apparel you feel untouchable. The motivation through creativity on the broad range of quality garments we produce is an obvious gamechanger to fashion; The versatility we bring forth from our simple, straightforward pieces to our urban flare in streetwear continues to inspire the everyday hustler to achieve more.